From research to placement

Posted on February 05, 2017 at 05:37 AM

How does actually HireITstaff  find the right professionals …

According to survey conducted by Linkedin  hardly 21% of working professionals can be considered as active job seekers. Another 59% are likely to have contacts with recruiters but consider only relevant in challenge and salary positions. The rest, 20%, are super passive that means they are not interested in any new job opportunity.

The only way to target a passive and super passive audience of relevant candidates is to have extensive networks on multiple professional social networks.

Huge database with long history of CV and contacts with skilled professionals doesn’t work in IT recruitment, because the candidate’s ambitious and their technology skillset are updating constantly. You can’t expect the same person to have similar skill profile\salary expectations as half a year before.

HireITstaff’s recruiters focused mainly on researching and analyzing candidates’ activities  in social networks. This is our main source of relevant and actual information about IT specialists.

Secondly, we make longtime relations with IT people. This approach always pays us back with references and advices from our contacts.

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