How big is a candidate’s pipeline?

Posted on April 04, 2016 at 12:01 PM

Have you ever tried to estimate a Sales pipeline? – Yes. Definitely. As a Chief in Charge you did or at least you’ve seen the picture of the Sales pipeline once J And that was amazing – so many efforts, lost Opportunities and Leads in order to make a Sale.

What about a recruitment pipeline? How many people are checked and contacted by your recruitment team before the ONE is hired? – Hundreds.
How is it possible to optimize the hiring process for your company? – Involve more individual recruiters and recruiting companies in the process of searching candidates for you. Bingo!

Our skills in IT recruitment and wide network of recruiters help to make the hiring process astonishingly productive. You start to get your first pre-selected candidates soon after you engaged  HireITstaff ‘s network of recruiters.

The more recruiters compete in providing candidates for you, the better or quicker result you get.
Contact us and verify this fact.

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